SHELBY BELL - I truly enjoy modeling and becoming a pornstar was just a natural thing for me. My love of sex is boundless so it has always been easy for me to perform in front of the camera. Some say I’m at my best when performing with multiple partners. Well you know the saying: “the more the merrier!” If you want to access my large collection of scenes and photosets, join my site! You will see some of the best amateur action anywhere to be found on the net!  I  went to the beach with two of my good friends, Sheryl-Ann and Mercedes. When we were almost alone, we wanted to have a little fun before the sunset and i'm not talking about playing frisbee! I had with me my inseparable dildo, so we laid down on a picnic table... I'm sure those tourists had a blast at the beach that day. SHELLY SHELBY BELLE BELE helby hselby sshelby ahelby dhelby whelby ehelby zhelby xhelby selby sehlby shhelby sgelby sjelby syelby suelby sbelby snelby shlby shleby sheelby shwlby shrlby shslby shdlby sh3lby sh4lby sheby shebly shellby shekby sheoby shepby shely shelyb shelbby shelvy shelny shelgy shelhy shelb shelbyy shelbt shelbu shelb6 shelb7 shelbg shelbh ell ebll bbell vell nell gell hell bll blel beell bwll brll bsll bdll b3ll b4ll bel bell belll bekl beol bepl bel belll belk belo belp

Hi, my name is Shelby Bell and I’m a naughty French Canadian girl from Montreal. Some say I have one of the nicest compact body around and that I look a bit like Christina Aguilera. It might explain why I’m continually ranked in the top three of imported Canadian hotties…



All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.

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